Not only is Maui ranked the best Island in the State of Hawaii, it has officially been ranked as the “Best Island in the World” according to Trip Advisors 2016 Travelers Choice for Islands.

It is clear that Maui is a great place to visit but as someone who has lived here for the better part of a decade I will declare that Maui is also the best Hawaiian Island to live on and perhaps the best island in the world to call home!  What makes Maui so special?

Maui’s Healthy Lifestyle

Maui Active LifestyleMaui has warm climate year round which promotes healthy outdoor activities.  Water sports such as surfing, scuba, SUP, and outrigger paddling might be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Maui activities but Maui offers plenty of healthy actives for the land lovers too.  Hiking, yoga, biking and golf are all popular activities on the island.  Maui hosts several world class events each year such as the PGA’s Tournament of Champions, the Maui Marathon, and the Extera Triathalon Championship.  It is no secret that Maui is a great place to be active.

Adding to the healthy lifestyle of Maui, organic food movements are widespread throughout Maui.  Many of the local restaurants offer fresh organic choices and are considered “farm to table”.  Organic grocery stores can be found in all of Maui’s districts and are often reasonably priced.

It is a mixture of the Food, Active Lifestyle, and the less stressful and laid back pace that creates a more healthy way of life for the residents of Maui.

The People of Maui

Maui has a diverse mix of people from all over the United States and the World.  I am originally from the frozen tundra of Wisconsin, my wife is from Jamaica.  We met here on Maui and we have Maui friends from just about every state in the USA and several countries around the globe.  The diverse mix of people is part of Maui’s charm, we have a rich diversity and all cultures coexists with respect and harmony. A relatively small population at around 160,000 means that neighbors know each other.  A low crime rate makes Maui a safe place to call home.  The “Aloha Spirit” is not only spoken but lived here.

Maui’s Stunning Natural Beauty

Infinity Pool

Maui consistently finds one of its beaches on the list of Top 10 Best Beaches the world.  Numerous waterfalls are all over the Island. Majestic mountains and valleys provides an astounding backdrops.  Sunsets with illustrious colors ranging from purple to orange each evening, beautiful star filled nights and rejuvenating sunrises every morning.  The Island possesses an energy of peacefulness that embraces you the moment you step on its soil.  Click Here for a quick video tour of Maui’s Natural Beauty.

What about the other Hawaiian Islands?

Each Island in the Hawaiian chain is unique.  I have had an opportunity to live on most of them and have chosen to call Maui my home.  Oahu’s population is much higher and more dense, I personally am not a fan of the heavy traffic.  Big Island maintains the laid back lifestyle but the Volcanic activity throws heavy metals in the air in the form of Vog.  Breathing the heavy metals from the Vog can be detrimental to your health.  I remember feeling groggy and getting frequent headaches during my time on the Big Island.  Kauai maintains the laid back healthy lifestyle but it is one of the wettest spots in the world.  I prefer the Maui sun.

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