Its more of a feeling than anything tangible.  Most people who have moved here from somewhere else will agree, from the moment you step off the plane for the first time, you just know Maui is a special place.  The soft, fresh, salty air is the first thing you notice in the open air airport.  As soon as you step outside you are surrounded by lush tropical foliage and you see the Maui Mountains running not too far off in the distance cutting the landscape like the edge of a roughly torn piece of paper.  The sky is a pure and vibrant blue and the sun instantly warms the skin and as you start to move around you quickly realize that you are never too far from the ocean and the beautiful beaches.

You will also start to notice something else.  Everyone seems to have a smile on their face.  The pace of life is a little slower… people actually take the time to acknowledge each other.  The food is fresh, delicious, and healthy.  Maui is a special place that is recognized over and over again as one of the best places in the world to visit and to call Maui home.

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