Nestled approximately 2 miles inland off the Hana Highway surrounded by lush vegetation and peaceful ambience you arrive upon the small town of Haiku.  The town square has 2 grocery stores and a handful of restaurants.  You can find various events taking place at a local holistic and organic in nature.

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More About Haiku

Maui Wave in HaikuHaiku was once a part of the thriving pineapple plantation with two canneries this was the place to be.  Later when the main refinery moved to Kahului the town experienced a decline in commercial activity and lost most of its residence to other parts of the Island.  Over the years Haiku seen an increase in its population.  The Canneries are now an industrial site where businesses divide and use the space as factories for production such as making surfboards, food delicacies such as jams, hot sauce, jellies etc.

Haiku receives lots of rain and that’s why it’s so lush and green, it also has a cooler temperature and a great location for agricultural pursuits. Haiku also has numerous rivers, waterfalls and it’s a great spot for hiking. One popular spot located about 20 minutes from Haiku Town is Twin Falls. There are safe and easy hiking trails, waterfalls and rivers in one spot.

If you are a enjoy being surrounded by nature and desire an organic, quiet, safe and relaxing life style then Haiku is a place you could call home.

Haiku Location

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